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Monday, 21 May 2012

Needlessly Blind Demand a Better White Stick!

Fujitsu's report actually said
To tackle change successfully, respondents were clear that strong leadership is the key ingredient – 97% felt this. Additionally, the capacity to change and available resources topped the list of ingredients required to be fit to change. However, when comparing the ingredients that business leaders believe are essential to being fit to change with those they believe are most lacking across UK plc, the gaps occurred in three areas – a robust ecosystem of suppliers; a long term vision and the right technology solutions.
Bah Humbug!   What a disastrously missed opportunity, and yet, how inadvertently revealing this report is about the mindsets that cause the problem. .
The key factor in the solution of this problem is the organisational and personal attribute that we call Changeability.  This manifests itself as the capability of being effective in making change happen.  It is rooted in a complex array of attitudes, behaviours and beliefs. Although an individual leader can exhibit this attribute, and we have met several that do, this alone is never enough to transform the performance of an organisation.  That requires the majority of the people in the business to develop Changeability as well.  Few leaders have the ability to do this themselves, or know how to make that happen.
The desperately sad fact of life is that if you do not understand what Changeability is, you will not recognise it, even when you are looking straight at it.  

So, when a number of typical business leaders are asked "What do you think the problem is?" they will say only what they know, and then parrot, "Oh teacher, teacher, it's a leadership problem".  In Shakespearean terms "Stap me vitals lads, I thought you were the leaders!"
And then, if they are asked the "right" questions in the "right" way, they will agree that the answer is provided by the researcher's agenda - supplier (Who? Me?), vision (What?Mine?), and technology solutions (Oh gosh, that's what we do. Fancy that?).  Oh dearie, dearie me.
Changeability is possessed naturally by a minority of individuals, but, it can be acquired through application and practice.  We know how to do this, we have been developing the capability to do this for more than 15 years.  We have achieved this with a wide variety of organisations from SME to corporate divisions.  And, this is the killer, we have developed our Competitive Strength Report process, a powerful tool to measure it in a business leadership

Frankly, we are becoming frustrated by the failure of UK business leaderships, and the business commentariat,  to realise that the key to survival of their businesses and our economy (and my pension, dammit!), lies in facing up to, and tackling the management of attitudes, behaviours and beliefs in a rational, structured and disciplined manner.  That means that they will need to abandon their comfortable excuse of Blindness ("Leadership failure", Indeed!) and learn something new, a different way of thinking.
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